Diy Easy Wood Slice Ornaments For Packing

Hot to make a wooden box

e) On the 30th waters take 2,5 potash and boil then add 5 small planed waxes and heat all mix to obtaining homogeneous soap mass.

d) The 30th wax and 1,5 rosin dismiss on fire, then having removed a vessel from fire, add 14,5 turpentines.

6. Vapovaniye of wooden products. A subject turned from an aspen tree, very soft and porous easily absorbing both water, and oil, cover with liquid clay and, having allowed to dry out in the warm furnace, dokryvat on clay crude linseed oil put in hot the heated furnace. This operation is called a vapovaniye. The thing which is taken out from the furnace and cooled down receives the hardness and water tightness. The subject prepared thus is covered time by two or three thin layer of drying oil, putting every time for some time in hot the heated furnace. The subject has an appearance as if varnished (for receiving drying oil oil is cooked long with ashes and minium, or litharge and then heat in the hot furnace throughout several days). Processing of simple things is also limited to it. The subjects appointed to a coloring are tinned, dipping a rag of a velvet or plush in dry tin powder and pounding it on the varnished subject surface from all directions.

b) Dismiss the 25th wax in the glazed pot and then when wax is dismissed, remove a vessel from fire and add to turpentine wax 40.

1) The red-brown polish produced according to the recipe: 1 red shellac on 4 alcohols.

2. Wax polishes for polishing of wooden products. From many structures the following can be considered as the best:

Process of grinding does not represent special difficulties, but a lot of time for giving to a tree of a necessary look demands. The wood surface intended for finishing should not, have agnails, chips, cracks and other roughnesses. For this purpose the tree is processed in 3 stages:

c) Heating 10 kopalovy varnishes, add to it the 40th wax and when the last gets out of hand, flow, gradually stirring slowly, the 75th turpentine.

a) 25 small planed stearin add to 12,5 turpentines and heat mix to full dissolution of stearin.