Diy A Sleek Slatted Bench With Hardwood

Bedroom decor projects with limited tools 18 ideas for home with wood

By means of glue and five-centimetric finishing nails, collect and fasten sidewalls and the face parties of a box.

At first make all necessary measurements for a bed. Then saw a board from wood of a poplar of 2,5 x 30,5 cm in size on sidewalls of such size that the surface of a mattress settled down a little over a bed box. Then saw shorter boards of the same size on a bedfoot and a headboard of a bed. In this design and a headboard, and a bedfoot have the size of 138,5 cm.

Though production of a box for a case bed is nearly the simplest part of process, be convinced that you cut out each part precisely strictly according to the necessary sizes as everything has to be adjusted ideally.

Insert on a horizontal crossbeam into each groove and fix them by means of glue and finishing nails. The surface of crossbeams has to settle down level with a surface of cross-pieces. Also be convinced that the arrangement of horizontal crossbeams coincides with the marks in longitudinal crossbeams made by means of a square. Fix horizontal crossbeams on vertical finishing nails.

Make the basis of a bed of fiber board of the average density (DVP) which is a quite good choice for registration of an interior. It is well painted over, and its equal surface perfectly looks when the bed is in a collected state.

Insert plywood longitudinal crossbeams into grooves on inside of each of details of a front framework of 241 cm of the long. Fix them by means of glue and finishing nails, and then press details to each other and wait for glue drying.

Cut two plywood boards 6 mm thick on part 46 cm wide and 241 cm long for back parts of a rack. Attach each part to back part of a rack by means of finishing nails.