Cupboard Designs For Kitchen

30 ideas for DIY projects

We construct internal apertures for boxes, them it is supposed four. Height of our made subject will be 15 cm.

We design boxes, internal sliding surfaces it is connected to a back by a vkruchivaniye of screws, we do the bottom for them — we attach a fanerka nails. Measurements between lateral faces of a curbstone equal — 34,2 cm, and sides make — 1,6 cm.

Check as sliding systems, whether all movements smooth and mobile work.

Be once again convinced that your support are reliably recorded, further use the second lateral surface. Also fix it screws.

Further beat plywood for a back level of a product by means of a hammer and small tacks.

Put forward the directing accessories against the stop and connect them to the lateral sliding faces of a box the screw gun.