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How to build a smart chair combination with a lid

for a long time keeps a presentable look in a bath.

Oil should be applied with a plentiful layer so that it remained on a surface some time. Interlaminar drying not less than 4 hours;

Processing of a regiment oil on the basis of linseed oil is inexpensive, safe and available means for protection of wood in a bath. Besides, linseed oil — is excellent natural antiseptics which protects wood from:

After drying of each layer polish a surface with special abrasive fabric for the best result.

Depending on the absorbing ability of wood, and also temperature and humidity of air, time of interlaminar drying can change.

The processed surface dries within a day. Before operation the bath needs to be heated, to warm up a sauna, to clean surplus of oil rags.

In order that wood in a bath long kept beautiful appearance, it needs to be processed special structures. If chemical compositions are suitable for auxiliary rooms and external surfaces, when processing a regiment in a sweating room and places of contact with skin it is necessary to use only natural structures. One of the most widespread means can call linseed oil.