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Garden benches are distinguished on certain signs. Among the first it is necessary to call degree of mobility of products:

Choosing of what to make a bench, it is necessary to remember tools. Each option of a design demands use of a certain set of adaptations, manual or the electric tools intended for work with this or that material. Besides, measuring devices will be necessary, for stationary types it is necessary to make deepenings under filling cement mortar. The list of the necessary tool kit should be made most fully at a design stage that during assembly of a bench not to distract on searches of any trifles.

Being guided by these reasons, make a material choice. Possible options:

Figurative designs are mobile, can be placed in any convenient place and are moved anywhere. It is convenient option if planning of a site still is finally not approved.

The garden bench is a necessary element of improvement of a site which can be made the hands of improvised materials.

A small amount of designs is compensated by huge number of design and stylistic options of realization of benches. Different materials are used, these or those technological methods of creation of products on own project are applied.