Cheap Moving Boxes For Small Space

Make a wooden box with fingerprint lock 5 places to keep your stuff in

Internal partitions, compartments for trifles are made of the cut-off parts of covers. The cardboard easily absorbs water, it is recommended to process all boxes moisture resistant paint, is delicious.

The most available and not expensive option from all. Minus of a design is the small durability therefore it is recommended to put easy gym shoes and slaps in the top compartments, and heavy boots to put down.

— perfectly will be suitable for a small-sized hall. It so narrow that will perfectly be located even behind a door, and folding doors will make its operation comfortable and pleasant.

The design from water pipes is convenient to that it is easy to make any width and height, to vary them. The compact shelf from pieces will fit into the smallest space.

This option will be suitable for installation in a hall, placement in a case. The round shelf with capacious cells gives the chance quickly to find the necessary pair of shoes — enough only to turn it round its pivot-center. It is possible to make such shelf of a tree, a chipboard, plastic and a metal core.

Pockets from fabric perfectly will be suitable for storage of slippers, flats and children's footwear

The angular whatnot can have rather big height, and its triangular compartments contain a set of pairs of boots, thus without taking away functional space

The most economic and convenient for operation in small halls is the angular whatnot.

The easy figurative shelf well will be suitable for storage of summer sandals and sneakers, but will not sustain heavy winter, autumn footwear with which the polluted moisture flows down.