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In style Provence the curbstone of white color is ideally suited for registration of a bedroom, especially if it is made of a tree. Such product is suitable and for bedrooms in styles hi-tech and minimalism. It is important that it had as little as possible any details.

The white curbstone can be made the hands of such modern materials as the laminated chipboard or MDF. They can be combined among themselves, to use glass, a natural tree in independent work. It is important that they were harmoniously combined with that material of which the bed is made.

In a bedroom with classical design it will be good to look a white curbstone from a natural tree. The massive product without legs will ideally fit as a functional decorative element into an interior.

It is possible to make a bedstand the hands for a bedroom interior in English style. The little table bedside table of white color will be ideally in harmony and with home decoration in the Scandinavian style. The Provence style doing a bedroom distinguished assumes a choice of a graceful product.

Choosing various ideas of design of a bedroom with a bedside curbstone, it is necessary to consider not only appearance of an element of an interior, but also the direction of style of the room. The white curbstone for a bedroom can be imitation of period furniture.