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Lung of couples for Dmitry Sidorevich became not at once. There were both competitive fights, and charges of plagiarism, and even trials from which the hero came out the winner. Over time expanded production, took out patents, certificates, allowing letters. Difficulties of the Siberian only tempered and let know: if coped – means, chose the purpose correctly.

Successful production is always shrouded in a veil of secrecy, but for Kuvalda.R Dmitry agreed to slightly open it. Production process – difficult and multistage.

Difficulties first were not only with competitors, but also with shots. Good masters in the small city – worth its weight in gold. It was succeeded to find such expert: the joiner developed technology and relied on selection of boards for biomechanical parameters – density, to the direction of fibers.

Step the third — processing of wood on jointer planes, milling machines, surface gages. Further – polishing of wood details on machines and manually. Then – assembly and acceptance on geometry. After a product varnish and polish. At last, the final stages – the second acceptance and packing of a finished product.

One of quality components – use of a varnish for external protection of wooden cabins. Other producers, Dmitry claims, at best cover wood with easily soiled wax, and more often leave it without covering.

From the wood the cedar is sent to a power-saw bench. From here the part is carried to industrial drying. The rest is dried in the natural way, in own warehouse.

The paramount – purchase of the Siberian cedar known for strong character, drawing, aroma. The master takes wood in the winter, on 250 cubes – and not on bases, and directly on logging.