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Make a wooden safe to use a planer for beginners

Besides, independent creation of a case will help to save money. And they, in turn, can be directed on additional improvement of an interior of kitchen or other needs.

In a case when such option is impossible, we do the following. We mark LDSP. And we draw two lines. One – it is exact by the size, the second – is one and a half millimeters wider.

Between them accurately we do a section by a fret saw. The formed chips it is smoothed carefully out by an emery paper, having carried out several times on edges.

When the drawing is ready, we start production of separate details. For this purpose it is necessary to cut them from an integral leaf. It is better to charge such work to experts. Independently it is qualitatively quite difficult to make it.

There is one more way of how to receive a new kitchen case in the kitchen. And and to make it with the minimum expenses. This way is restoration of a kitchen case the hands.

Visible end faces of details it is pasted over with a special edge by means of the iron. On it we expose temperature as for wool. The surplus formed at the edges of end faces it is cut off by a stationery knife.

It is the final stage which is provided by our instruction. During it we do the following.

In a horizontal element (regiment) we drill openings at their end faces. We use a drill with a diameter of 4,5 mm. Opening depth – 40 mm. The same drill we make openings in those places of lateral elements where the shelf will fasten.

We bore through in them openings. We insert into them expansion bolt shields and we wrap inside self-tapping screws. After that it is possible to hang up collected object.

Now we will pass directly to how to collect a kitchen case.

This part of kitchen set can be made independently. Kitchen cases the hands are collected by many house masters. We will tell you as correctly to make it.

Thanks to competent approach to production, the ready locker will be pleasing to the eye the appearance. And, certainly, long time will serve the owners faithfully.