Cheap And Easy DIY Bench For Home Decor

Fine woodworking with free model and cutlist

Is ideally suited for ornament for Christmas, a wedding, a party, the house and in a garden.

Perfectly booking of scrap, a decoupage, production of signs, plates and many other art and craft projects is suitable for decoration of a wedding, decoration of a Christmas fir-tree, photography of a requisite, hangers, labels, production of cards, jewelry.

We always on the party of the buyer, you can return goods or money in cases:

It can be also used for cutlery stands and supports for a cup.

Size: pribl. 120 x 120 x 4 mm / 4,72 x 4,72 x 0.16 inches

6 pieces. Christmas 5sm pine cones a pendent with a line from a natural tree of a fir-tree of ornament