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Basic tools for first How to build a wooden chairs for a screw

Dealt with advantages, now we pass to shortcomings.

The built-in curbstone is an integral part of a monolithic design of a computer table. Such curbstone cannot be taken from a product, without breaking its integrity and functionality.

Equipment of computer tables functional curbstones is the rule of a good form among designers and designers of furniture. And it is not surprising – the after all competently designed curbstone gives to the PC user comfort, and also confidence in tomorrow. Agree, it is convenient when documentation and a stationery are accurately put in compact drawers. Also it is possible to look forward with highly raised head when in a curbstone there was a lot more empty seat for new accessories and documents.

So, there are following kinds of curbstones under computer tables:

The added curbstone is an autonomous furniture design which is used for complex modeling of computer tables.

In my opinion, for the built-in curbstones length – 400 mm, and drawer facade height – 160 mm is optimum. The average model of a computer table in drawing has such sizes.

If you like periodically something to change in the interior, then pay attention to independent furniture modules. Added curbstones also concern to them.

Now I suggest to consider merits and demerits of such designs.

That, merits and demerits considered, I think, it is a high time to pass to an added curbstone.