Building A Queen Size Bed From 2х4с

Cutting board for the beginning diyer

Despite a wide choice of grinders, at the final stage it is necessary to grind manually in the direction along fibers to eliminate cross scratches risks.

We calculated corners of connection of elements of rafters in advance, and now it was necessary only to expose precisely them on a calibration limb. Turn of a working bed we exposed the first corner and recorded it.

40. Additional polishing will help to avoid darkening of end faces

Grind visible face cuts an emery paper one number higher, than layer and edges. In this case end faces will absorb less wood stain and will better correspond to color of all product.

Tortsovochny saw about which we mentioned above having mentioned fight against chips when processing a detail, it is convenient and effective when performing both small, and considerable amounts of works due to expeditious preparation and fast readjustment of tilt angles of a saw disk. Accuracy of a cut and quality of a cut provide performance of a task from the first without alterations, that is without loss of time and material.

The stage did not take a lot of time. As a workbench the strong kitchen table was used. We reliably attached a saw to its cover four bolts of M8. The following step – installation of the handle fixing a bed angle of rotation. Put on a special bag for collecting dust the soaking-up branch pipe. The clamp with screw fastening is intended for fixing of the processed product. It is good that designers provided bed extenders. Exactly thanks to their extreme situation it was succeeded to fix reliably preparation though it also was long.