Build A Platform Bed With Free Model And Cutlist

30 ideas for beginners 01 Bedroom decor projects with limited tools

Wooden laths for a seat can be replaced with rectangular profile pipes. In this case they are simply welded on a framework, and then all design becomes covered with paint.

Fixing bolts should be chosen with the roundish flattened hat which is not leaving defects on clothes. As the option, bolts can be drowned in a wooden cloth, however it does wood more vulnerable to influence of moisture in fixture places.

For production of bent details the preference should be given to round or oval pipes — they give in are flexible easier.

Before a flexible pipe are densely filled with sand so it is necessary to think of its existence in advance. Procedure are flexible it is simple: the pipes filled with sand keep within on the machine between between an emphasis and the central ledge, and then are bent under the necessary corner hands. Drawing is given below pipes on the machine made of a rim are flexible.

For esthetics iron laths can be placed in a metal frame which will hide sharp face parts. For this purpose 1,2 meters of a pipe will be required in addition. Such bench can be placed independently — in park or in a garden, however in rainy weather it is recommended to be covered a film or to place under a canopy.

The bench without back presents itself a design from support in the form of three metal rectangles connected among themselves by two pipes forming a seat. The drawing of a shop from a profile pipe is given below.

Such bench from a pipe the hands gathers rather simply: at first it is necessary to weld 3 metal rectangles, and then to connect their two directing, forming a seat frame. Thus it is necessary to remember that:

From wooden boards it is necessary to prepare 8 wooden whetstones with a squared width of 6 cm. Compound of wooden whetstones with a metal framework will require bolts and nuts (24 pieces).

The pipes made of duralumin are not subject to welding. Such pipes connect by bolted connection.

To make an elaborate and difficult bench without the corresponding experience rather difficult, and here a bench of a laconic design — in power even that who never had experience with the welding machine and the bending device.