Brilliant Woodworking Tips For Kitchen

Routers for wood working

It is possible to hammer simply with a covering from boards into the continuous – that the flat seat without holes turned out.

Let's look at the drawing of this country bench. We see that all corners at scraps of a board imt an inclination in 30 or 60 degrees. The sizes on the drawing are specified in inches. One inch is equal 2,54 cm.

And still it is possible to make of carved bokovushka interesting RACK BENCHES. At them the round seat with smooth outlines and the curved line of a back turns out.

And then on this framework on its top perimeter – we fill on lath screws.

Boards which you cut out for SIDEWALLS of your bench on giving – can have SMOOTH ROUNDISH LINES. Then the bench can become the real work of art – your creative work.

We see the drawing from lateral face. Length of a back and seat – on your choice.

The back leans below – on the same level as a seat, and above on the level filled vertically along spinkovy part izognutykh bokovushka.

Here such ideas for production of country benches the hands. But there is more to come models of wooden benches about which I would like to tell you. Therefore wait for continuation – we will do interesting benches of a tree (a bar, a board and a log).

To such bench at dacha you can make and a little table for provisions. Or usual panel board bench.

And still it is good to cover foam concrete blocks with usual paint — that the bright beautiful bench turned out.

Foam concrete blocks (or gas-silicate blocks) sometimes make with through holes inside. It is done for economy of material and also for strengthening of heat-shielding property of such construction material.

One photo lower we see just such bench, convenient for giving.

The seat in such bench keeps on the LEVELS filled under it from the inside of sidewalls.

We cut a board on pieces necessary to us. Also we collect a bench on bolts, screws or nails.