Brilliant Woodworking Tips For A Porch Swing

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You should not forget about other important painting tools and materials, such as an emery paper or the grinding machine, a primer, filling, solvent and a varnish. All this is necessary for observance of technology of the correct coloring.

The best method, naturally, painting — it is not so expensive to updating of any chipboard or a wooden case as it seems at first sight and rather simply performed by.

If before you the task to paint a big smooth surface, is suitable for work both the roller and aerosols.

COUNCIL: As paint will be applied in some layers, it is very important that it was well absorbed in a tree.

Coloring options can also be such as is one photo lower.

COUNCIL: Watch placement concerning accessories (handles, locks) and – let it will be better than cracks between boxes it is symmetric, than exactly.

When you know all stages of preparation, it is time to pass to the main stage and to understand how to paint a wooden dresser and a chipboard.

It is possible to decorate a case under a cliche, for example, in the flowers.

In general, preparation of a case for painting consists of 5 short, but very important stages.

This case looked very cheap as was made of a chipboard conceived. But we updated it a beautiful ornament for a nursery, now he can fit into an interior even hi-tech or a modernist style.

In spite of the fact that we create vintage effect, a real potrepannost of a dresser to anything. Therefore we carefully prepare it for painting.

While blue paint dries, we paint the accessories removed from a case in mosaic gold. After details dried, we fasten them on places.

To someone it is not believed that it is possible to make such candy in vintage style of the old polished case, and without loss of functionality. And further it is told how to make it.

After a choice of paint it is necessary to pay special attention to brushes and rollers. Why you should not save on painting accessories if you decided to update a dresser the hands?