Bookcase Design For Small Space

Make a wooden safe to make a twin screw vise

Measure and note the provision of cross-pieces, leaving between them identical distance. Make sure that grooves on each of them are from above – in these cuts the forward part of each horizontal crossbeam will be located.

By means of the conductor for drilling at an angle which, by the way, costs absolutely not much, you will be able quickly and with the greatest accuracy to collect a front framework, screwing up screws flush. Use a removable drill bit with conical connection and a persistent ring with which the conductor is equipped. Adjust the provision of a ring according to your assembly, measure, make a mark, fasten details together according to the direction of the conductor and drill the directing openings for screws.

Cut other two boards 25 cm wide on pieces 42 cm long for a headboard, a bedfoot and horizontal crossbeams. Apply all parts to each other to be convinced that all cut-out details (a front framework, cross-pieces, longitudinal and horizontal crossbeams, a bedfoot and a headboard) approach to each other by the sizes.

Attach all horizontal crossbeams to vertical details by means of three-centimetric screws, screwing in them in the prepared openings. Repeat procedure for all crossbeams, fixing them on all length of both parts of a front framework.

By means of a tortsovochny saw cut off vertical parts 241 cm long. Cut two three-centimetric parts on 10 horizontal cross-pieces, each 38 cm long. These front elements will connect plywood longitudinal crossbeams of each of elements and will help to support the horizontal.

Close all openings conical traffic jams which can usually be got together with the conductor. After all screws are on a place, drip on each stopper joiner's glue and by means of a hammer hammer them into openings.

By means of the conductor for drilling at an angle, drill openings for screws for each of the crossing details of a front framework. Do not forget that all openings need to be made with back, or internal, the parties of a framework.

Measure an arrangement of cross-pieces of a front framework and transfer these measurements to longitudinal crossbeams. For accuracy use a square for each crossbeam.