Bench Swing With Ecosa

Small woodworking projects for yout garden

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For connection of details it is necessary to give preference to the nails made of a tree. Regular airing and drying of a bath after visit will help to prevent emergence and reproduction of a mold and fungus, and also will significantly increase the operational period of pieces of furniture and the room. For the best ventilation and drying it is necessary to leave space between a floor covering and the lower shelf.

How to make a bench for a bath the hands, look in the following video.

It is impossible to tell that pitch does harm to health of the person, but the warmed pitch, getting on skin, can cause a burn.

These measures will help to avoid emergence of decay, a mold and destruction of wood. Having made some efforts and a little imagination and sharpnesses, it is possible to make with own hand beautiful, strong, qualitative pieces of furniture for a bath and not only.