Bench Swing With Back

The right drill bit to buy early

Usually garden furniture is made of the plastic, a tree, a rattan presented in soft natural tones.

Pay Attention: not all pallets are identical! They happen the different size and to different intervals between laths. Choose such pallet which optimum will suit you.

After final drying of glue process seams between tile slices a white zatirka.

Putty cracks and hollows and process a little table a fine-grained emery paper, then ground everything, except a table-top. Paint a table with white paint (except a table-top).

Order of production of furniture and detailed instructions of how to make a garden table the hands.

However, all these elements can be replaced with scraps of color plastic.

Garden a tree tables will be combined with many styles as their decor is universal.

Cover a table with an anti-septic tank wood stain for a tree, it is best of all containing wax. Thus the table can be tinted in imitation walnut, or to use a black rosewood, an oak, a pine, a larch transparent antiseptics only to allocate structure of a tree, without changing its color.

If you have an old round garden table, do not hurry to throw out it! Of course, it has no appearance at all and is broken, but for your garden it is the real find. In a new appearance it will decorate not only a corner of rest in a garden, but also a country house.

Attach rotary wheels from the lower party of the pallet. For this purpose use usual screws which put on the washers removed from screws for a metal tile (as on the bases of wheels big openings). It is possible to fix directly wheels screws for a metal tile, but then you will need a special nozzle on the screw gun.

The table garden wooden — is an esthetics of a natural landscape of giving and simplicity of production. Will help to make a garden little table the hands a photo and detailed instructions. Before starting doing a table garden by the hands, prepare all necessary materials and tools. Surely look at a photo how to make a garden table the hands: on them production is shown.