Beginner S Guide To Make A Kneeling Chair

Hot to make mirror stand out of pallet wood

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in several ways: by means of scissors, by means of a knife and a ruler,

spots appear it. At long storage of birch bark on light it

that between layers there was some interval for drying.

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carefully to remove it from a trunk. And it is careful because on a trunk under

The birch bark which is stored in crude rooms becomes covered by a mold, why on

sheets of plywood, and freight, that in a storage time layers from above is located

thick tapes and vice versa, big pester will resemble the paper

tapes (lychek) birch barks. It is possible to cut material (birch bark or paper)

stratification of birch bark on layers. Birch bark is multilayered also not all layers

to descend from a tree, clasp two hands a trunk and a little

cellar, shed, storeroom). A birch bark bast right after removal from a trunk

the rule when twisting – from one birch one ball. It will help at

Store birch bark in the dark, dry and aired rooms (an attic,

changes color, becomes light. In such conditions birch bark gradually

loses the properties. Therefore old birch bark is soaked in water

it is possible and is necessary to use in weaving. Therefore it is necessary to otslaivat

scroll birch bark around. If birch bark moved, means it is necessary

weaving in a workshop. However, if birch bark thin and quantity of knots