Beginner S Guide To Know How To Make

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Of course, in such business tools are necessary. Therefore find:

Works begin with production of a table-top. In this case all 4 boards have to be long in 100 cm. Boards on width and length level in case they were not sawn on a power-saw bench. Further, take a plane and properly grind material this tool. Remember that at high-quality polishing of a board will be equal and smooth. Edges are also processed qualitatively. It becomes in order that they adjoined densely the friend to the friend.

Your table-top is ready. It was necessary to fasten legs and to make the basis for a table-top. In this case exactly fasten rail-posts to short cross boards. Also glue and screws is used. Remember that joiner's glue has to dry 12 hours.

Tables for kitchen from the natural massif of a tree look magnificently. And they cost very much. And if you have no huge money, it is not necessary to be upset. It is possible to make the hands this work. For this purpose you will need the following things:

If you decided to make a wide and long table, it strengthen. In this case two cross levels are used.

The excellent table will turn out if to use laminated by a chipboard. And that it is very practical also kty favourably on finance. Table-tops of these tables cover with decorative plastic which is not afraid of attrition. Today it is possible to get the sheet chipboard which will be sawn to those sizes which are necessary for you. As a rule, agree about it in furniture workshops in advance. Even for creation of a table use:

For connection of boards it is possible to use nails or self-tapping screws. But glue and chopik will participate in our case. In the beginning on material designate marks with a step of 10-15 cm. After a drill we do openings by a drill in 8 mm under shkant.

More nobly the following option looks. Here legs are painted in white color, and the table-top is covered with wood stain.

The glossy table-top will remarkably look. Here for a start the surface of a table becomes covered by wood stain, and later is delicious.

We will finish a ready table: it is delicious, paint with a primer or wood stain.