Beginner S Guide To Build Your Wooden Swing Set

Basic set of tools for making christmas presents 30 ideas for beginner woodworkers

The above parameters are considered universal, but they can differ considerably as, collecting a design independently, the place on a balcony allocated for installation, and also its mission is considered.

Before a direct choice of a certain type of a design it is recommended to be defined, for which purposes the balcony case as its dimensions and features have to be suitable for the chosen mission will be used.

In the easiest and available way to build the case is a technique of fixing of its details on the general framework. Therefore step by step this option of production of this piece of furniture will be considered further:

In end of the publication – the small video topic showing production of a simple case on a balcony with use of furniture chipboards panels.

— the distance between regiments usually makes 340÷370 of mm.

Before making a case on a balcony the hands, it is necessary to be defined, which design will be created. It can be presented in the numerous forms differing in the device, the sizes and other characteristics.