Beginner S Guide To Be A Woodworker

How to build an


In one of the projects the interior designer Irina Krivtsova sheathed a ceiling the lining tinted in a light shade. Architectural dynamics of space in combination with opaque surfaces of a light tree gives to an interior feeling of open space. Here we see rigid contrast with finishing, traditional for country houses, the varnished lining.

We could not pass by such surprising construction material to the ipoty decided to talk to one of the first producers of subjects of izobozhzhyonny wood in our country Sergey Kosarev, the predstavitelemtorgovy Suntan brand.

The burned tree is not an exception, its live heat is done by a kakinteryer, and a landscape incredibly cozy and harmonious.

In close proximity to the nature of people always feels more freely and more comfortably. In landscaping, interior design and country construction even more often instead of metal luster and plastic brightness designers and architects in the work incline to a natural cool of a natural stone and cosiness of a tree.

— The technology is applied since the XVIII century. Mentions of the burned wood meet in the history of construction and finishing at nationalities from all continents. In Japan, for example, this technology is called as Shou-Sugi-Ban.

If you think that lining — is the boring varnished covering for giving, today we will shake your world. Lining — is very abrupt design finishing material. Do not doubt any more

Preservation of heat is promoted by a threefold glazing, geothermal central airs and heating and special Tierrafino Finish plaster on the basis of clay, with wax addition.