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Now, when all framework is ready, it is a high time to aggregate it. At first we fasten sidewalls with top and lower the bases.

And, at last, the final stage in assembly of a case the hands – plywood painting.

Doors will be convenient if the case is in a drawing room, on a public inspection, and clothes or other things which it would not be desirable to expose on display lie there. The essence of sliding doors is simple: from below and from above the metal profile on which there go rollers fastens. It will be most convenient to make two doors which can be made of the same plywood. However it should be noted that sliding doors are convenient only in wide cases, plus by preparation of shelves it is necessary to put existence of doors in their depth.

So, on it the instruction on production of a case from plywood comes to an end. Now within your powers to bring together him the hands.

It should be noted that on our project we will make a case for a living room. The case will have no doors, and it will hardly be suitable for kitchen.

It should be noted that length of the shelf will make not exactly 60 cm, it will be two thickness shorter than plywood minus depth of grooves. In our case thickness of plywood makes 16 mm, and grooves – 5 mm. Respectively the settlement length of shelves will be equal 578 mm, or 57,8 cm. We will also saw such regiments.

On our project, the case at us will be in a room corner. The sizes of a case are shown on the drawing below. You, of course, can choose the sizes.

For a start it is necessary to choose a place for a case, and, proceeding from available space and your requirements, to decide on the sizes of future case.

In this article we will consider the project of the simplest case from plywood which will be easy to be collected the hands even in house conditions. One photo below already collected and painted case is shown, it has to turn out same and at you.

The following step, on assembly of a case the hands – to mark and make grooves on which regiments will lean of plywood. It becomes doing less openings the external surface of a case remained smooth and beautiful.

To make a case of plywood it is possible to add sliding doors on rollers and legs castors even more convenient and more functionally.

If in the course of assembly furniture bolts were used, when paint dried, we put on decorative caps hats. It will give to a case big esthetics.