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Good advice! Ship plywood is ideally suited just for decoration in a bathroom as has special impregnation. For production of a curbstone from MDF or chipboards plates, swore it is necessary to prepare previously.

The hands it is easy to invent a convenient case under a sink in a bathroom, using an old table curbstone. Two doors will hide all pipes, and in the middle there will be a mass of a place for storage of means on leaving, towels and household chemicals.

Having available couple of sheets of ship plywood, some canopies and pair of handles it is possible to make without special work a curbstone for a bathroom the hands, using the step-by-step instruction.

The bedside table under a sink can be made, having taken as a basis boards or plates, that is from scratch. The old furniture can form a good basis: cases, dressers, tables.

Choosing a surface and structure of material, it is important to consider possibility of care of it. The glossy furniture needs to be rubbed constantly, rough – to clean. Least of all the attention is demanded by an opaque surface.

Thus, the universal curbstone for a bathroom has dimensions:

Good advice! The furniture has to correspond to the general style of the room. The country or Provence provides installation of a wooden case under a sink in a bathroom, hi-tech – existence of the glass elements framed with metal. The refined accessories will help to give necessary color to classical style.

The curbstone from a dresser will give to a bathroom a vintage and refined look. Thus It should be noted that boxes should be truncated.

Such curbstone can be made, having taken an old table curbstone or a dresser as a basis. Process will not take a lot of time, and in the remade furniture still there will be enough place for storage of things.

The method of installation of a design is also important in a bedside table choice for a bathroom. Proceeding from these parameters, distinguish the following types of models:

Curbstone height – too an important detail. The standard – 85-90 cm (it is calculated proceeding from the average height of men and women).