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Cheap moving boxes for a porch swing

The mirror — very cunning subject which hides that is behind it, and focuses attention on the interior which is reflected in it. Using it for decoration of an old case, you change all space.

Gold can decorate not only female necks, but also your case. Thus it is not obligatory to give huge money for the sake of a magnificent view at all. Today there is a set of alternatives of a decor, one of them — a gold foil.

It is easiest to give to a case a vintage look, using a varnish a craquelure which after drying bursts, creating a characteristic antiquarian look. For Provence respectively it is necessary to take white paint or other pastel shades.

Sometimes everything that is necessary for old furniture — it is some accents which will make it esthetic. Some styles love rough, brutal subjects with history and character, especially the loft or the stim-punk. In this case for pushchy effect it is possible to decorate case doors with metal rivets, and also brackets which will completely change a concept of the shabby dresser.

Well the furniture with the facade painted by a dry-brush leaving insignificant amount of paint which as if was erased over time looks.