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How to build lockers for the beginning diyer

Various ornaments and color and color palette, forms are used at creation of such interesting bedside curbstones.

Nice curbstone boxes which will make a room interior creative and unusual.

Excellent option of registration of a mini-table-top at a bed in usual and simple style.

Two wooden boxes created an excellent bedside table which can be created the hands.

Non-standard form of a wooden curbstone with adjacent to a wall of the wooden panel.

Convenient option of registration of the curbstone broken into sectors that is very convenient and almost beautiful.

The fine design will introduce design of an openwork little table in scarlet color bright mood in life.

Smart design of a mini-curbstone with improbable legs hairpins that make improbable impression about it.

Curbstone with legs in the form of X - the creative and lovely decision at registration of design of the room.

Ancient wooden boxes created such nice bedside table which will decorate any room.

Excellent and excellent option to create a bedside table about a bed in a set of boxes.

The excellent decision for the simple model of a curbstone with big huge space for storage of things.

The creative decision for a bedroom - registration of a curbstone bright and unpredictable legs.

The bright and unforgettable striped curbstone in black-and-white a strip will become fine addition to a room interior.

The interesting wooden bedside curbstone is created and issued in modern style.

The interesting and non-standard design of a curbstone with legs from pipes in own way will decorate a room interior.

The lovely small wooden ladder is used as a bedside curbstone.

The interior of the room will be changed by a non-standard door with the lamp that will look very interestingly.

The fine design decision - decoration of a curbstone a greenish-blue ornament.

Interesting and convenient bedside tables and little tables which will improve an interior.

Bright curbstone in turquoise color - the simple and bright decision for registration of a bedside curbstone.

The interesting blue curbstone is created by the hands in improbable antique style.

Fine wooden curbstones which are possible for appreciating if to place them in the room.