Basic Set Of Tools For Making Christmas Presents

Fine woodworking with ease

At the following stage installation of lateral bedside tables is carried out. In the course of assembly of these elements it is necessary to consider that plywood which fastens to back part of a design, has to be recorded on a frame.

In the top part of a mobile level installation of a roller is made. For this purpose it is necessary to use the holder of a P-shaped form. It surely has to have the cuts or openings intended for a roller axis on each side.

Sometimes masters resort to other joiner's cunnings, and self-made adaptations, the hands made, become fine addition to a workbench and the other equipment:

When everything is ready, it is possible to pass a core with a carving through openings in four vertical racks. Thus its ends have to support workbench limits approximately on 4-5 cm. They are fixed (without tightening) by lock-nuts and washers.

Instead of self-made directing from a tree it is possible to apply ready sliding systems of factory production. Such accessories (on condition of quality) work silently and smoothly. These directing can be calculated both on full, and on partial promotion. Further assembly of boxes for storage is carried out. Screws and the glue structure intended for wood are for this purpose used. The size of facades is selected taking into account curbstone dimensions.

Important! It is possible to apply only dry timber to work. An optimum indicator of humidity of wood – 12%.