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Easy to woodworking 100 wood pallet ideas for packing

Is available, (as wrote above) karnaubsky wax and Danish Oil. What finishing processing it is better to use for my first product from a tree? (knife kitchen)

During this time read many articles and thought of finishing processing.

The kitchen knife is usually often joined to water. In my opinion, karnaubsky wax is better. He will create a protective film over tung oil at the same time.

I thank for the excellent, and, above all perfectly stated article!

Happens, oil dries quickly. Especially if accelerators-sikkativy are a part. It is necessary to dry wood having covered end faces with paint. Plus should be dried in a plastic bag. Every day the package is turned out, the evaporated moisture — outside, wood — in a package, the dry party inside. To boil down in boiled water — never heard, will hardly work. But it is possible to try — if that, write results. Good luck!

At the moment the knife impregnated with tung oil (impregnated in the vacuum way), about virulence did not know (. And couple of days it already dries on a window sill.

I will try other way of a fnish on the following product.)

I intend to build independently to myself the container for food from a tree and you already very much helped me. Decided to process lyany oil with wax. About ratios too read and chose 1:5 (approximately).