Amazing Woodworking Project From Wooden Beams 2

How to build lockers for wood pallets

To your attention of a photo of the benches from metal executed with various stylistic decisions.

Further the bench is made by the hands of metal with the following sequence of actions.

How to make a bench of metal comfortable? The best material for the device of a seat and a back is wood. It does not heat up in the summer and is not cooled in the fall. In order that the bench looked good and long served, it is necessary to execute the following.

Details by the sizes specified on the drawing are made of the prepared materials. Ready details are numbered.

Before starting purchase of materials and directly production, it is necessary to make drawings of benches of metal. The sizes of the main details on a general view and the sizes of all details on the detailed have to be put down. Details are numbered. After that it is necessary to take care of availability of materials, tools and adaptations from the following list:

Some nuances of how to make a bench the hands of metal, will be shown on video.