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Angular curbstones provide a huge scope for the imagination of the designers and owners who decided to issue independently own housing. They can be triangular, often such models have the rounded edge. It will be interesting to look a pentagonal curbstone: in it the main locker, and on each side, for example, the built-in laundry baskets can settle down. Curbstones with laundry baskets – very organic and functional option practically for any bathroom. Baskets can be hidden and directly be in a box. Other not less attractive option – baskets which settle down on outer side of a curbstone.

Glass curbstones are very effective though are rather fragile and expensive. Besides owners will be compelled to keep internal space of a curbstone in a constant order because of transparency of a design. Glass for a curbstone can be tinted or opaque. Interestingly the mirror and mosaic options reminding stained-glass windows look, the engraving on glass looks very elegantly and stylishly. Such curbstones are usually used in registration of rooms in modernist style or hi-tech.

Wooden curbstones too can be decorated in the most different ways. It and patterns which can be executed as in the form of drawings, and a carving on doors, and incrustation. Mosaic dressing is sometimes used, but the mosaic has to be put on waterproof glue which will not soften eventually, differently elements will start being showered. Illumination is not only way of dressing, but also and a functional element, especially it concerns furniture of the big sizes. Products from a tree and gypsum cardboard will ideally fit into bathrooms which owners seek to create the room in style of a country or Provence.

One more company in which assortment of the made production it is possible to find curbstones under a sink – Cersanit. Production of this firm is also made from the laminated or painted chipboard moisture resistant paint and differs not only resistance to the increased humidity, but also smoothness. Thanks to it on a surface fat spots are practically not formed, and dirt easily washes off with soap. The accessories of this furniture are not subject to corrosion, are made of aluminum or steel and are exposed to galvanization.