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Natural wood is good also that does not contradict any style, so, will easily fit even into the most ultrafashionable interior.

The massif of a tree — is environmentally friendly material which is used very often for production of furniture. Such furniture for 100% consists of high-quality wood. Many would like the house to have such excellent and beautiful furniture, but not all know, how exactly to choose it.

But not all buyers know that is behind production of furniture. Very often we do not even represent how this or that breed of a tree and quality of wood influences the furniture price. It is necessary to dwell upon these points.

From time immemorial the tree was a symbol of power, force, was considered as reliable material for construction and production of subjects of use.

Products from the massif are ideal for restoration, despite of that in certain cases on them there are dents and slightly noticeable tsarapinka. However, they grant to products some special raid of old times, charm.

The furniture created from environmentally friendly materials with guarantee will not do much harm to your health. After all use of such furniture has centuries-old history and is checked not on one generation any more.

So, we understood, of what wooden massif do furniture. But after all not only this or that type of boards influences the furniture price, but also breed of a tree. At a choice of breed of a tree it is necessary to consider the mass of nuances.

For a start pay attention to softness of wood. At the moment in production use more than 40 breeds of trees among which distinguish solid and soft wood. The pine, a willow, cherry, an alder, a fir-tree, a cedar, a juniper, a poplar, a chestnut, an aspen, a fir have soft wood. Such wood is suitable for production of furniture on which there will be no big loading.

It is difficult to overestimate advantages of furniture from the natural massif.