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Lift top coffee table with lid

Connection of lobbies and back support the distance between which has to be at the level of 270-300 mm.

The standard manufacturing techniques of a transforming bench the hands rather simple will also not demand a lot of time for assembly. And the set from 2 benches and a table which are easy for spreading out and collecting back for the purpose of economy of space on a site will become result of work. Fabrication stages of one of such designs will be approximately following:

Now it is necessary only to paint the turned-out transforming bench. And after drying of paint to install hinges on mobile parts. For increase of operational characteristics it is recommended to varnish wood.

Because such designs are most often located on the street without canopies, one of highlights at production is obligatory processing by special materials. For metal it is paint, for a tree – impregnations and varnishes. While color of a bench, its sizes, materials and style get out only according to taste and opportunities of the owner of a site.

Adjustment of boards by the size of a bench or purchase of already ready elements with identical parameters.