A Total Beginner S Guide To Make Timber Mouldings

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Outside releases — the ends of logs leaving a felling act as the bearing design. Gradually changing release length from a wreath to a wreath, carpenters achieve expansion of the top or lower part of a felling on a smooth curve. Some kind of timbered eaves turn out: above balconies, galleries, roof svesa lean on it, below it supports a porch. And on a facade the wavy line of a saw cut gives to usual equal release decorative expressiveness.

You unmistakably determine modern style in the wooden house by modern furniture of accurate, simple geometrichny forms, metal, and not any: the made old copper is peculiar to a classical interior, and light aluminum, chrome — is a right sign of style of our days. Shod things are pertinent in any interior, everything depends on a forging pattern. But presence at finishing of rooms of the big planes of white color will be most noticeable. It is possible to reach the same effect and without hiding a tree behind gypsum cardboard, and having impregnated walls with the white tinting structure at the expense of what the usual pine will gain color of wood of the Karelian birch. Wall-paper with geometrical drawing, large flowers is not alien to such interior.

Passing to internal finishing, designers prefer timber floors to all other types of floor coverings. If the deal floor is beaten out from style of an interior or the house owner asks exclusive expensive covering, it change for a parquet, at the worst — a laminate, but it is obligatory with the noble wooden invoice. Even to heat-insulated floors not contraindicated wooden covering, is enough to use for this purpose the thermomodified wood which does not react to changes of humidity and heat. It is made of a birch, a pine, a fir-tree, has color of a thin tree and high resistance to rotting, so, is suitable also for saunas, baths, space round pools.

On architecture it is not always possible to foresee, what interior you will see in the house. In wooden houses identical in appearance different styles of internal finishing are possible: country, classical, modern. Style is set by such details of an interior as chandeliers, furniture, finishing of walls and ceilings, a pattern of fabrics, a certain drawing of forging, accessories.

The good form is considered to think over an interior according to a building exterior. It is easy to achieve it when the same company is engaged in construction and finishing of the house — in an ideal it has to develop at the same time both projects where you will be able to track as the subject set in architecture gets in the house and finds the end there. And in an interior purely decorative receptions like elements of different release of logs, repetitions of the invoice of a roof are beaten as constructive decisions, for example a ladder or windows in a penthouse, and.