A Total Beginner S Guide To Make An Outdoor Sofa

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The combined designs, in which metal — only the bearing framework, legs and support of a back are most often created. All elements which the person touches, are made of a tree. Similar designs meet everywhere and are familiar to everyone.

If the pipe bender is had near at hand, it is possible to create very attractive design possessing graceful bent armrests.

Creation of a bench only from metal yields not the most successful result. Even by sight such product looks too rigid, cold.

For conversations not the most convenient option, and here to place on it flowers — easily!

Metal benches possess the high durability, reliability, elegance.

The only shortcoming — tendency of metal to corrosion emergence. Optimum option — use of a profile pipe of rectangular or oval section. Creation of a product best of all happens by means of welding — it considerably accelerates work and gives high-quality and strong connection.

In some situations the folding design which is capable from a bench with a back is convenient to turn into a set from two benches and a table. Owners of small sites will appreciate such option.

Metal products are refined, but not always comforts

Equal (flat) parts form a seat and a back (if it is necessary). Having a little complicated a design, it is possible to receive a set from two benches and a table which looks deliberately roughly, but stylishly.