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First, the fir-tree does not need to be washed it it is absolutely senseless, frosty air and will so perfectly cope with all bacilli, besides, fir-trees process even before sale. At once you should not bring in a drawing room a New Year's tree too - for acclimatization better to expose it on a balcony or not heated loggia approximately for days. That the fir-tree stood more long, it is desirable to process a trunk cut. One of methods - mix of hot water with glycerin. It is also possible to put your fir-tree in soil, previously having moistened the earth with solution of pounded aspirin and sugar (two tablets on two tablespoons).

Fir-tree for new settlers For the first time celebrate a holiday in the new apartment? Or, maybe, started repair, and it somehow was unexpectedly tightened? In any of these two cases in yours houses are a step-ladder. Creative producers-designers also suggest to make a New Year tree of it. You should not be skeptical about such option - all design very not bad looks, the main thing to think over composition and it is correct to pick up accessories. We put boards on which, in turn, we put small pots with fir-tree branches, baskets with tangerines and cones on crossbeams of a step-ladder. candles and other suitable attributes. Racks it is decorated by garlands and tinsel.

New Year's spheres on a fir-tree - brilliant, opaque, painted – there is so much them on New Year's disorders that eyes run up! What to take? And it is, maybe, better to make a New Year's sphere the hands?! Such ornament, it is more exact at anybody will not be!

To suspend on a ceiling or a wall Actually to this trend some years, but it still does not lose national love. Fir-trees chandeliers are equipped not only special fastening for a ceiling, but also already have lamps so additional lighting will not be required. As for wall models, at such trees of a branch only on the one hand a trunk, another - flat. And they are hung up elementary on a tack - approximately, as pictures.