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The main thing that it became with soul. Creative ideas will appear in process of advance of work and accumulation of experience, and numerous photographic materials will help with it.

Independently to collect furniture, various tools, the suitable room and the correct technology will be necessary.

It is necessary to decide on the invoice and texture in advance. If the smooth surface is necessary, use a birch, a linden or a beech. More relief breeds – an oak, a brashirovany pine, an ash-tree and a nut. Photos of these indicators of a tree after processing or painting occur in catalogs that will also facilitate a choice.

Wooden laths — fine material for production of the combined trio.

No matter, from what the furniture and subjects of a decor are created: willows, gorbylya, bar, boards or laths.

Traditionally use the wood boards made of the integral massif of a tree, or which are stuck together. They are received by pressing of thin sheets among themselves.

That the furniture served long, it is necessary to use qualitative materials.

Wood shares on firm and soft. Refer an oak, a beech, an apple-tree, an elm, a plane tree to the first category – do the bearing designs, frameworks and other elements experiencing big strain of them.

At a combination of several breeds in one product it should be taken into account their structure. If it is similar, the usykhaniye will evenly occur.

Problems will be visible on a cut. If their color uneven or bright, it is not necessary to take such boards.

From a willow, pines, a cedar, a poplar, an alder and other soft wood turn out the finishing elements, ornaments having beautiful texture. This look easily gives in to processing, is plastic, of it make the facades, shelves and other details which are not calculated on high loading.