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The design of doors of a case is of great importance for convenience of operation. On this distinction allocate some main schemes.

In each family there are subjects which are necessary only during a certain season, or are not suitable for placement in premises. A balcony or a loggia in the small-sized apartment — often only place for storage of such things. In modern conditions of a loggia even more often decorate, turn into cozy addition to the room. This custom puts a problem of the organization of special space for storage of things.

In free space between a wall of a case and a covering of a balcony two shelves are beaten. Added slightly above with the rounded edges a bit later. The last stage beat under a ceiling and on a plinth floor (to close cracks), then ground lining a skin and painted with wood stain.

The design of a folding little table, can to whom it is required)))

Cases can be the average size, on height of human growth, or occupy space to a loggia ceiling.

If it is decided to make a case on a balcony the hands, right at the beginning it is necessary to decide on its design. The main options of a design of a case two — direct, the most capacious, and angular, suitable for conditions when it is not enough place on a balcony.

Case from sheet material (OSB, plywood, LDSP or simply a chipboard)