7 Ways To Build A Plywood Workbench

Lift top coffee table with only $100

The third module of a bed attic the hands is the dresser ladder.

Applied a marking on walls — vertical lines on which evened the upper edge of whetstones support. These lines have to is at one level and to settle down strictly horizontally.

First, expenses will be small, secondly will construct precisely under the sizes.

If it is moved up to a sofa or nearby there will be a chair or a chair – it quite will be enough quietly to get on the top circle.

Boards it is fixed on the expansion bolt shield (a wall brick), places of joints it is strengthened by metal assembly plates, we check vertical position and horizontal position of each element. To the top level at the same level as opposite, we fix support under flooring logs. They too have to settle down strictly in one plane. The bar cut by the sizes is stacked on support.

On one wall we beat simply a board — there will be a case, so simply basic board fixed on powerful anchor bolts here.

To this board it will be necessary to fix logs — cross boards. For their installation assembly U-shaped brackets are used. To a board we nail up them in each opening.

Actually, height of this bed attic does not demand a ladder.

On an opposite wall we assemble the supporting framework we assume to make regiments here, we collect under them a framework. The top board has to settle down strictly flush with the opposite.

Ceiling height big — nearly 3 meters, a bed were decided to be done approximately at the height of 2 meters — that below it was possible to go normally.

It is simplest to make it with laser level (as to use it it is readable here). If it is not present, it will be necessary to level by means of the water.