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Mirrors not only expand space and add to the room of light, but also hide under themselves surface shortcomings. Any case can be turned in mirror if to fix on its doors one in all height or some small mirrors. This reception will help with creation of a case in style of art deco.

The fabrics issued in a technique petchvork will make your case of slices cozier and will help to enter it in a nursery or in such styles as Provence and a country. The stylistics can be embodied also wall-paper or a film if to paste over panels of boxes with materials with different patterns.

Slate boards now at the height of fashion why not to make such of case doors? It is easy to achieve slate effect in two ways: to buy a film or to paint a dresser with paint with effect of a blackboard.

This method looks more exactly and teksturno, than wall-paper. Fabric it is better to fit big elements like clothes doors, to fix the furniture stapler or on glue. Interesting as fabric to choose to kozhza for a magnificent view.

To buy a new case when the previous is still quite functional there is no need. If doors look already not presentably, or you changed an interior, and the old case does not fit in, change it to unrecognizability! All ways which we will list below, approach both sliding wardrobes, and dressers and even racks with alternation of the opened and closed sections.

Alternative option — a mirror mosaic which will create wonderful patches of light.

If you wish to achieve a classical type of your case, it is only worth pasting wooden laths or a stucco molding, and then to paint — and the effect will develop. It is possible to paste the inscription which is cut out from a tree with words or the name of contents of a box, significant for you.

For creation of brutal effect for the loft or the stim-punk, doors of a case can be issued metal rivets or brackets. Nails with decorative hats too will approach. Let the dresser will become similar to an ancient chest, and a sliding wardrobe — on a door in the submarine. It is possible to use for registration and other metal accessories, and to support stylistics coloring or an obtyagivaniye fabric.