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Workbench with rob cosman 7 places to use a planer

Proceeding from the sizes of a bed recommended, or calculated by you execute a marking of lateral and face walls, cut them. After that on a ruler or using a template execute a marking of cuts. Their edges can be executed at right angle as it is presented on the drawing, or rounded off that it is possible to execute, having drilled openings a feather drill. At a choice of rectangular cuts drill some openings with a diameter of 10 millimeters in a marking and cut elements, inserting an electrofret saw file into openings. For laying of a mattress from the inside attach on screws whetstones on all length of walls.

Of course, process of their production is much simpler, and assembly of a finished product is also not difficult. As it was already noted, dimensions need to be selected proceeding from specific conditions of operation. The sizes offered for production according to our drawing the following: length – 55 1/8 inches, height is 36 inches and width is 33 inches.

As appears from our article, process of production of children's furniture the hands is quite available and at modern abundance of construction materials is more preferable, than acquisition of finished products.