7 Tips For DIY Projects

Beginner's guide to build your wooden swing set

After a primer carry out a so-called raspolirovka. Apply couple of drops of vegetable oil (it promotes easier sliding) on the tampon made of linen fabric and pour a little liquid shellac polish. For works it is possible to dilute even more structure on the basis of shellac (usually apply 8% solution).

The pro-grounded product is left for drying for 2-3 days. After the varnish well dried, it is necessary to grind a tree fine-grained abrasive material. The formed dust is deleted with rags.

To polish a tree, that is to receive ideal gloss, it is necessary to process the fine-grained abrasive material (skin) moistened in vegetable oil a wood surface when the third layer of a raspolirovka completely dries. After that to drop on a tampon of a little vegetable oil and polish.

Polishing of the varnished tree has to be made in strict accordance with technological process, only then it is possible to receive the most effective, rather strong surface with mirror gloss. If there is no experience in this sphere, at first it is recommended to be trained on small samples, and then to pass to more expensive products.

Considering that quality of polishing is influenced by observance of all subtleties of process, you should not reduce quantity of the put layers and time for their drying. Otherwise it will lead to deterioration of decorative qualities of a covering.

This procedure does not cause special difficulties, but takes away a lot of time for giving to a tree of perfective aspect.

It is possible to improve strength characteristics of the polished covering if to put not one, and some layers. In completion of polishing the product is recommended to be processed the soft fabric moistened in solution of polish and water. Excess oil can be removed, wiping a tree ethyl alcohol. Thus the surface becomes more equal.

Pay attention! In the beginning do dab on a trial surface. Polish has to dry and not form quickly bubbles. If there is a lot of it, surplus deletes, wiping a trial surface.