7 Tips For Beginners 01

15 inspiring pallet ideas for first

For a decor of a bunk bed carved hand-rail and laths can be used. More difficult option – to issue a bunk bed or a bed attic in the form of the lock or the fortress, a lodge on a tree. For this purpose it is enough to cut a facade of the corresponding look and to paint it according to the sketch.

Simplest in production a classical crib – a framework, four legs, a headboard and a mattress. However such model bears the minimum functional loading – simply provides to the child a berth. Will be suitable for a spacious bedroom of one child where already there is a spacious case, and there is no need for occasional seats for storage of things.

Before work decide on the drawing of the bed model suitable for you. Further get to work.

Advantages of creation of a children's bed it is independent.

Besides preparations from MDF, also wooden bar for lamels is required. For this part of a bed choose elastic material (for example, plywood in this case will suit, and here to a chipboard – no).

If the nursery does not differ in impressive dimensions, will be more practical to add a bed design with boxes or even a dresser. It will allow to organize more effectively space in the room.