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​ the Grinding Makita 974 machine can be also used for a wood brashirovaniye, however in the course of work with it there can be difficulties connected with processing of angular sites. In this regard, in places of joints between walls and a floor it is necessary to use in addition the angular grinding machine equipped with nozzles;

The method of artificial structuring can be used within processing of wood of both strong, and soft breeds. The main requirement to which the wood which is subject to a brashirovaniye — this existence of accurately expressed invoice and well noticeable layers of various hardness has to answer. The oak, a pine, a nut, a larch, wenge and an ash-tree belong to such materials.

Important! Working with an abrasive and polymeric brush, it is necessary to watch that the processed surface of wood did not burn slightly during the work on big turns. To avoid it, it is necessary to get the regulator of turns.

Important! As the painting structure it is possible to use wood stain. For this purpose plentifully apply it on a surface of material and quickly remove surplus. Thanks to this reception, soft fibers will absorb paint, having got more dark shade whereas firm remain light.

If you want to get special machines for a wood brashirovaniye in house conditions, it makes sense only if you plan to perform large volume of works. Let's consider the most widespread models of specialized equipment for a wood brashirovaniye.

Let's consider in more detail process of a brashirovaniye of wood.

1. The first brush from a steel wire which is used for wood preprocessing;

As for an alder, cherry, a birch, a tic, a maple and a beech, concerning these breeds a method of a brashirovaniye it will be proved ineffective as distinctive feature of these trees is the melkovoloknisty structure without the expressed lamination.

3. The third – from sizalya is used for polishing of the processed surface.

If you are not a guru in the sphere of a brashirovaniye of wood, the master class and councils of our experts will help you to study this technique of processing of wood in more detail.