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It is possible to buy all from us necessary for the convenient and functional billiard room.

That the bearing design had high rigidity, it has to have at least three stiffening ribs.

Cutting of the sheet chipboard can be executed directly upon purchase of a product. The cost of such service is low, thus on the professional equipment of the master will cut out a leaf strictly by the demanded sizes and with high precision.

The board is considered decorative part of a billiard table and consists of several elements: the main beam and the lath fitted by cloth with a rubber otboyny strip.

Work at an equal surface, for example, on a floor. So you will be able to record all elements of a frame in one plane.

Billiard tables with a metal frame – the most durable tables in modern history. And for today from the technical point of view tables with a metalframework belong to the level of the most perfect billiard table.

For production of basic elements of a design (a table-top, boards and legs) the mahogany, an oak and an ash-tree are considered as the best materials. Tables also do of soft breeds, such as an alder and a linden. Their quality and cost is respectively lower.

Why we are chosen. Our equipment is approved by famous champions-billiard-players and underwent testing on numerous international tournaments. We became leaders thanks to clear advantages before competitors.

Operations procedure on production of the supporting framework which will represent a lattice from wooden whetstones 50100 millimeters thick, following:

Each of them wishes to have such pleasure at home, but its purchase not by all on a pocket. Whether in power to make a table for billiards independently? The answer – yes.