7 Places To Make A Side Table

Choosing pilot hole size for wood screws

Before acquainting you with drawings, we recommend to glance in other our material where all possible types of benches are in detail described.

By and large the difference is not present – took out shelves on the street, it became a bench ߙ

ON the NOTE! Presence on the acquired material of a mold, decay and cracks is inadmissible!

So, with what to begin to the one who decided to make a bench in a bath the hands?

IMPORTANT! Varnishes should not be used in a sweating room is the fact.

The tree – material whimsical, more precisely, sensitive to how it was made and was dried. Therefore you need to take not simply the first board of suitable breed, and to look narrowly at it, whenever possible – to measure humidity.

Any restrictions concerning wood – do from this to what the soul lies. Humidity and here will be raised, but it is possible to use freely both impregnations, and varnishes. So a choice only for you.

Examining boards for joiner's works, of course, first of all look at quantity of knots. They, as we know, create many problems to joiners.

COUNCIL! However there is such nuance: it is better to do pieces of furniture of this sort of not too massive boards because than a board massivny, that more long it will dry after a moisture set. Take this circumstance into consideration!

Look and at observance of dimensions. Boards happen very rough – and due to uneven shrinkage, and due to too fast cutting. The reasons can be different, and you should adjust to the necessary size then.

ATTENTION! Do not forget that in a bath it is best of all to put corrosion-proof fastenings.