7 Essential Power Tools For Dining Table

10 DIY furniture ideas for a screw

Besides screws, self-tapping screws and four the made boxes directing for further fixing on them will be necessary. Between boxes it is desirable to make the shelf of MDF, the sizes of 767454 mm.

Important nuance is lack of defects and dryness of the bought material.

It is possible to make a bedside table the hands having only an electrofret saw.

Also it is possible to make a curbstone partially of glass or decorative plastic.

For production of a curbstone the hands we will take the laminated chipboard of the pleasant color. Width of a chipboard is 16 mm or 18 mm.

Beautifully stained glass doors though these designs and are more fragile, than integral sheets of glass look.

Upon purchase of wood it is necessary to pay attention to its quality.

Damp wood can be deformed indoors, having spoiled thereby a finished product.

Chipboard the most unpretentious option for work, he does not demand neither special tools for are sharp, nor grinding machines.

Production of boxes requires two pieces of MDF on 750445 mm which will go for creation of a bottom of a shuflyada. Sidewalls of boxes will demand four pieces of a chipboard of 450220 mm in size. And two pieces of a chipboard of 755220 mm in size from which the back wall of a box will be created. Assembly of a drawer begins with connection lateral and back walls. Then the bottom from MDF fastens. The last element fastens a forward detail on which decorative handles are fixed previously.