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The most important point of construction of a bed is the correct connection an ogolovka of a vertical rack with horizontal beams of a box. For simultaneous joining of three bars the difficult is used washed down grooves, correctly cut out parts of the angular lock how exactly have to look, it is possible to see on the scheme.

Previously it will be necessary to cut out preparations for a box of a bed and two basic racks of an attic.

Council! If in your plans to construct a children's bed on an attic, use the scheme with an intermediate podium represented on the drawing.

All three zapilenny brusa connect and adjusted on landing.

The design represents the wooden box from a bar 10070 strengthened by cross beams. One edge of a box of a bed will lean on the bar piece sewn to a wall, the second on two support from a bar 100100.

Such option is much safer and more convenient for children of any age.

It is considered to be classical option of a design a bed an attic with a working zone under the second floor.

Less often on the first floor the sofa or the vacation spot have.