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How to build a wooden box with plywood

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At a choice of a way of connection of elements of a wooden design it is necessary to consider, what loading it will have to maintain.

If it is correct to use shkant and in enough, the design will be strong:

It is better to refuse a crude board as the bench made of it quickly is deformed and will collapse at change of weather conditions. As for breed of wood, it is better to choose an oak or a pine, but can also use a linden, a larch and other breeds.

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That the shop possessed the listed characteristics, for its production it is necessary to use well dried up wood which has no knot, cracks, rotten sites and other defects.

The decorative fence is the real ornament for any garden. Today there is a wide choice

To make a bench on 3 persons 150 cm long, 45 cm wide and 40 cm high, it is necessary to prepare:

On the drawing it is necessary to display all elements of a bench, and also their sizes that in the future it is easy to collect a uniform design. The classical drawing provides the following elements:

The example of the drawing which contains in itself all listed elements and their sizes, is given below: