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1. As soil she has to guarantee adhesion (a good skhvatyvayemost) of finishing layers with a basis that they kept more strong, and the term of their service will increase, and also has to level absorbency of the basis thanks to what you will save on a consumption of finishing materials and receive a uniform color of a surface; 2. As antiseptics the primer has to deeply getting into wood to protect a tree from development and) fungi and b) insects wreckers (this function is important only for damp rooms or on the street, in the dry room it is possible to manage quite without antiseptics).

Conclusion: select means for a tree proceeding from its functions, but not from the name.

What qualities are important for preservation of wood of an interroom door, a piece of furniture or lining by which walls of kitchen are sheathed? It is required to us:

At a choice of oils for wood it is necessary to pay attention to the next moments.

Whether has to give oil to a tree color? Technically it is possible, but for this purpose it is necessary to add other components reducing important properties of oil to it, as a result it is already difficult to call such substance oil, it is rather an impregnation.

Important: if you want to give to a tree color, it will be more correct to use not oil, and color azures or, for example, tinted varnishes. Eventually, impregnation by oil was thought up as the most natural, not changing appearance, a way of processing of a tree.

Azure coverings are applied on a tree for protection, and also for giving of a certain color or a shade to it. Thus it is important to consider the following.

The primer for a tree has to be first of all soil anti-septic tank. That is to carry out 2 main functions.

The simple rule will help to choose means for a tree: think, which qualities need to be given specifically to your wooden product or a design. If your means for a tree (or a complex of means) does not bear any function — this bad means.

What is important for a design which will stand open-air? Let's tell, it is a wooden shop, an arbor, a facade of the house or a fence. That the tree on the street served long, it is necessary:

And the qualitative primer is obliged to answer all four of these parameters. It is sad that such simple test is not passed also by a half of the trademarks presented in the market.