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Many owners of the country territory prefer to construct benches independently as this simple task will not take away a lot of time and means.

If you wish to make a bench for giving the hands special, exclusive, not such as at neighbors, some abilities, financial investments and free time for this purpose will be required.

It is possible to build a shop and with use of make-shifts – wooden pallets, bricks, clay, stones, and even bottles. The main thing that it was practical, expedient and fitted into an interior of your yard.

There are some basic materials which are used as a basis for construction of benches.

To make a wooden shop for a country house, it is necessary to make the scheme. Drawings and the corresponding photos of benches can be found ready on the Internet or to design the, individual option.

Belong to them: hazel grove, oak, pine cherry, and also larch. For additional protection material is covered with a special varnish.

From tools the hammer, nails and self-tapping screws, the screw gun and a screw-driver, a simple pencil, a ruler, a drill and for a tree covering — paints, varnishes and brushes is required.

In view of universal esthetic characteristics of material, wooden benches perfectly fit into a landscape of any garden. It is important to consider that benches constantly are open-air. Therefore, it is necessary to choose those breeds of wood which differ in the maximum resistance to the atmospheric phenomena.

The shop becomes in 4 stages. Legs, sitting, a back and on the last – collecting a design.

The back is done in the form of two basic dosochek, has to be not less than 3 thick see Length of a back to the identical length of sitting. It is possible to fix boards, leaving between them a fence, or to make a back continuous.

Metal is painted in the necessary color. To sit on a cold covering it is not very comfortable therefore over metal sitting it is possible to put wooden boards, having fixed them expansion bolt shields;